Welcome to The Clean Collective, I am very excited to introduce you to my online store.

After being diagnosed as gluten and dairy intolerant & having a sensitivity to preservatives, artificial flavours & salicylates, my life changed quite dramatically and quickly.  I’d spent many years feeling lethargic, nauseous and unwell.   It was now time to heal my body.

My first focus was working through what I could actually eat! An ‘air and dust diet’ (as my previous boss called it) wasn’t going to suffice for someone who loves food as much as I do!

It has not been an easy road. I lost a lot of weight very rapidly but I knew it was a temporary thing while my body healed.  I still have my off days – emotions and stress have a lot of effect on your digestive system but an off day every so often is a lot more manageable now than in the past.

My journey has gone from being very limited with options to being a little more adventurous within my boundaries.  Given my love for food and eating I spent a lot of time tweaking & developing recipes so I could still sit down to a delicious dinner every night. What started as a simple blog sharing my well-being journey of snacks, treats, meals & fitness developed further on Instagram, and with the encouragement of friends I made the decision to take The Clean Collective one step further and establish it as a wee business.  I say wee business as I also work full time (for now).

The name “The Clean Collective” is a reflection of how I live my life. I still enjoy some of the finer things of life like good wine, chocolate and ice cream but my choices are limited to those products that fit in with my dietary requirements.  I also like to support local NZ brands – some of which are included in the products I create.

All creations are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and made by hand, using only high quality ingredients.

Enjoy and eat well my friends!

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